Instagram stories are now viewed more than business profiles – fact. They provide a great way of engaging with your followers with the likes of polls/questions and GIFs, they also enable you to show what’s happening behind the scenes because let’s face it, everyone is nosy from time to time and is intrigued to know what really goes on behind those shiny, happy Instagram posts!


Stories help to create a complete brand story. As much as the raw, nitty gritty should be shared, it’s also important to create a cohesive aesthetic with branded templates so followers, and potential followers, begin to recognise your brand and hopefully these types of story post will peak interest enough to encourage click throughs to your profile or better still, your website.

Therefore, to help you with your Instagram marketing strategy we are providing the offer below. We will just need your brand guidelines i.e colour palette, logo, icons etc and we will do the rest.

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