If you use Facebook advertising to promote your business then you need to know about the different types of audience to make your campaign more targeted and therefore achieve better results.

A core audience consists of Facebook data where you can select people to target based on their location, age, interests, job title, family circumstance and even down to food/eating out habits. The list is pretty comprehensive! This audience is best for brand awareness.

A custom audience involves using your own set of data, whether that be from your CRM system, website, app or other offline sources. You can upload a CSV file into audiences in ads manager (make sure you have consent to do so under the GDPR law) and target people who already know about or have interest in your business. You can get really sophisticated in your approach when using the Facebook Pixel and data from your website because you can retarget to users who have been on your site but not yet purchased for example. These are higher converting adverts which are best used for conversions.

Now this is where Facebook gets really clever! Using your custom audience, Facebook can re-create a ‘lookalike’ list of people whom have similar characteristics but are not yet customers; these prospects are more likely to convert as a response to your advertising and therefore this is a great way to target new leads. This type of audience is great for consideration purposes and driving traffic to your website or to sign up to newsletters.

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