If you use Facebook for advertising then you must install a Facebook Pixel onto your website to make your adverts more targeted and in turn much more successful.

It’s super easy to do, you just need to copy some code from Adverts Manager and pop it into the header code on your website, get a web developer to help if needs be but it’s a really quick job and there is self-help advice if you chose to do it yourself.

Once installed, it’s a great way of creating audience generation! So for example, you have the option of targeting people who have visited a certain page on your website in the last 30 days. It could be a specific product or offers page that you want people to return to.
The advert is then shown to these types of people, they will be users who are familiar with your brand, in sales terms they are a ‘warm lead’ and more likely to convert.

The other great thing about the Facebook Pixel is that you can track how many clicks there have been on a particular page of your website directly from Facebook traffic. Hence you can see what’s working and what’s not!