Web Development

Having a user-friendly, fully functional website is more essential to businesses than ever before, no matter the size of the company. Websites are now the storefront to many businesses, even those with bricks and mortar presence, so first impressions count for everything.

At eldCreative we can take the stress and complication out of web development and maintenance, building a user-friendly website platform to showcase your product or service. Also, providing an intuitive customer user experience (UX) is absolutely crucial in securing conversions to your site. The way in which users feel when they interact with your brand through your website, be it on a desktop, laptop or external app, is a huge part of the UX appeal.

Can users find the answers that they are looking for? Have you included the business location, contact information and opening hours? Does the FAQ page cover all uncertainties that might arise? Is the checkout easy to use? Are the colours appealing? Are the calls-to-action clear? Does the sitemap provide an efficient content inventory for the site? Is browsing enjoyable? All of these things contribute to the UX of a website, as user emotion should be taken into consideration at every stage of development.

At eldCreative we can help outline your business objectives, then translate these into UX ready wire frame layouts, in order to create a fully functioning website fit for purpose. Working alongside skilled developers, eldCreative is a Shopify and WordPress specialist with solid eCommerce experience. The team also work with a variety of bespoke CMS platforms and can help to build a framework that works specifically around your business.


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, as it’s officially known, should never be overlooked when building or maintaining a website.

Your website might look great, it might be easy to use with clear navigation and calls-to-action that are screaming out to users but if your site isn’t optimised, with the correct keywords and titles, then you’ll be getting very little organic traffic to your site. This is where SEO is crucial in order to make a success of any website.

When broken down into simple terms, you want your website to appear as high up in the search engine results pages (SERPs) as possible. If a consumer or client searches for a relevant key term such as ‘Greengrocers in Bournemouth’, if you are said greengrocer, you want your shop to be presented as high to the top of the first page as possible so that more people can find you.

SEO doesn’t need to be daunting, with talk of H1 Tags/Meta Titles/Meta Descriptions and Alt Tags, it’s enough to scare anyone with little or no web dev experience. However, with a few simple tweaks and time spent implementing relevant keywords across your site, you can make a real difference. Even down to the way in which you name the images uploaded onto your website, Google will be scanning all of this information and it will give you more of a chance at being found in the SERPs.

SEO experts can be costly and if you require an extensive site examination, there are hundreds of digital experts offering help and advice. However, eldCreative can implement some top line changes that will vastly improve the performance of your site in just a few weeks, at a fraction of the cost of other digital agencies.

Previous clients have benefitted from an increase of 180% in website traffic after an SEO overhaul by eldCreativewith organic traffic providing the main source of visitors to their site. What’s more, Google will favour websites with healthy organic traffic as it knows that the content across the site must be relevant to users.

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, so it is good idea to have regular SEO maintenance to make sure that your website is performing well at all times.

With four complete website re-designs and SEO implementation carried out for various clients in the last two years alone, eldCreative can create concepts from scratch, as well as providing ongoing management for any product or service. So if you are interested in unlocking your website’s full potential, contact us below or view some of the projects we have worked on here.