Advertising has become a sticking point to many small businesses. With the return on investment being a huge priority like never before, it can be a daunting task pulling together a media plan that actually works. At eldCreative, we can help dissect the market that you work within and come up with suggestions and solutions on how to maximise your budget. It’s important to consider all different types of platform, with print steadily in decline there are many other online options where cross-promotion could be a huge benefit.

Advertisers work on a standard rate card which you should never just accept, there is always room for negotiation. What add-ons are there? Will you receive data from an online web form? Are social channels included in any MPU/leaderboard adverts that you might run? If you’re an eCommerce business, tracking how well an advert has performed can be done through discount codes or the like.

Don’t be fooled by advertisers readership figures, these always look pretty impressive! They include the total amount of readers who are ESTIMATED to have read the magazine/newspaper. You need to be looking at the circulation figures which are cohesive audits provided by the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) each year.

If you want to take the Pay-per-click (PPC) route then eldCreative can put you in touch with specialists within this area.

Point of Sale

With nearly 10 years of experience working alongside point of sale suppliers, eldCreative is well connected when it comes to your display needs. Whether it’s roller banners, signs, gazebos, wobblers, flags, lanyards or USB sticks, we can help you project manage your requirements. Having built trusted relationships with various suppliers, eldCreative benefits from bulk discount and can negotiate on lead times.

So if you are in need of help with mapping out a media plan or fulfilling a POS order then contact us below or view some of the projects we have worked on here.