When you come to labelling images for web use, it’s crucial to use the hyphen (-) symbol combined with keywords to maximise you SEO efforts.

Google can’t read images so you must label everything you upload. Leaving an image with its default name, IMG2411 for example, means nothing. It’s bad for SEO and when potential clients/customers are searching the net, you’re not going to be discovered.

By using relevant keywords separated by a hyphen it makes it easy for Google to digest the information. Don’t use spaces, Google can’t read spaces either and will just combine all words into one – not very helpful! So an ideal scenario for something I would upload would be: marketing-tips-for-small-businesses-in-Bournemouth.jpg. 

You do need to remember not to keyword stuff too so be sure not to keep using the same words in an image title. There’s so much to remember…it’s like Google rules the world…oh wait…! Contact us if you need advice on the best way to name your images.