Providing great content each day across multiple social media channels, websites and newsletters can be taxing but there are various marketing tools that can make your life so much easier.

‘Work smarter, not harder’ is a phrase that I’ve heard a lot from fellow small business owners. Therefore I use a variety of automation softwares to make my daily tasks more efficient. My ‘go to’ platforms are Hootsuite for scheduling social posts, it provides great flexibility meaning I can upload graphics or share links and then post weeks and even months in advance. When juggling four accounts simultaneously this is a God send!

Mailchimp is my email platform of preference; it’s drag and drop system is super easy to use and uploading lists and managing contacts is far superior to other systems out there. I’ve just started to use the automation tool too which has lots of great functionality but again can be used by novices.

I’m also a lover of Boomerang to create short videos of a repetitive nature, they are great for sharing across social channels to give you maximum engagement.