So if you’re not familiar with what an alt tag is and you own or run a website, you should be! It’s basically the description given to images uploaded onto a website. 
Why have them you ask? Well there’s two reasons. Firstly, in the simplest of explanations, when search engine robots are crawling your website they can’t ‘read’ images, only text, therefore having a description or alt tag will help with your SEO. Search engines can then recognise relevant keywords, therefore placing your site higher in the search results (SERPs)

Secondly, having an alt tag helps people with impaired sight to understand web pages using an audio description. Their computer will read aloud all of the text on a web page and this includes alt tags on an image, so the user can fully understand the context of the article or page.

If you need help with alt tags across your site then just shout! I’m then we’re here to help at eldCreative.