The shopping cart or basket, whichever you call it, is a universal symbol in the world of eCommerce. It’s a language we all understand in the digital age and that’s why it’s crucial if you have an online store to make this as visible as possible on your website (usually top right above the navigation) as you’ll want your customers to fill it! 

Another essential piece of advice is to set up an automated Abandon Cart Email. This will be triggered every time someone puts something in their cart but then for whatever reason exits your site. You’ll want to lure them back to secure a conversion as after all they are a warm lead, so be sure to make them change their mind.

Offering a discount helps, maybe writing some tongue-in-cheek copy will make them smile but more importantly just get one set up to remind them. Sometimes it’s just a case of running out of time to complete the transaction and the consumer then forgets where they had found you. Work smart not hard!