Do you use an a cameraphone or DSLR camera to take your social shots? Well I think there’s a case for both, if like me, you aren’t a professional photographer but can take a good enough shot for social media purposes, then it’s worth understanding when to use which one.

Mobile device camera phones such as the iPhone do the fine-tuning for you, in essence they already add sharpness and colour saturation for example, but don’t necessarily give a true reflection of the subject at hand. But they do provide an ‘on-the-go’ solution for those Insta-worthy moments.

DSLR cameras on the other hand, excel at taking photos faithfully, but the quality of the results usually depends on the abilities of the user. You can get a better depth of field meaning your images will pop and DSLRs are also great for taking shots in low level light.

All in all, it’s best to go with what medium works for you. I tend to use my iPhone for spontaneous images both inside the home and when I’m out and about. I then reserve use of my entry-level Nikon 3300 for events and client brand styling shots where I want more control of the images in post-production.