Is social media really that important to a small business? The answer is quite simply yes!!! If you’re not socially connected to your customers/clients in this digital age then you are missing out BIG TIME.

Your social content speaks to your audience in a way that your website and shop front can’t. It’s a friendlier alternative and it’s a two-way platform. Customers and clients are using it to voice their opinion, good or bad and it’s not going away. So rather than shy away, get out there and get your voice heard and deal with ‘bad publicity’ as it happens.

Engaging, relevant content is key to making your brand or company a success. Make sure your brand ethos is evident in all your posts, that includes the tone of voice, colour ways and imagery. You also need to make it as varied as possible with an 20/80 split in terms of sales focussed posts vs. general industry led content i.e quotes/memes/national days etc. You also need to post regularly so that consumers/clients know you are active.

Don’t let this be a daunting prospect, you just need some direction and at eldCreative that’s what we are here for. Just contact us here.