Nothing says it’s the festive season more than the Coca-Cola truck that recently came to Bournemouth! I’m working on some Christmas related content this morning for a client’s December newsletter, so I thought I’d share what works and what doesn’t over this busy period.

If you have a small business be sure to promote any offers or services by using clear ‘calls to action’. Buttons are the most universal in terms of web etiquette to get click throughs to your site, alternatively you can use speech bubbles or quotation marks but be sure to tell your customer exactly what you want them to do i.e click here, but now. It’s a ‘noisy’ period in terms of the amount of advertising that’s flying around.

Add some fun to your content, a Christmas jumper photo of the team or a behind-the-scenes shot of the office/shop/warehouse goes down a storm! People are nosey, they want to know who’s behind the brand or service.

Be wise in terms of scheduling the email. What day is historically your best in terms of sales? Are you an online store, do people shop in the evening as opposed to the day when they are at work? Do your research!

We don’t all have marketing budgets as healthy as Coca-Cola but they stick to something that works. The truck is iconic, it’s a simple idea but they’ve built on a strategy that appeals to families bringing everyone together with music and celebration. Get into the mind of your consumer or client!