Go with your gut…every…single…time! After a random enquiry this week I’m probably not in the position to be turning work down just yet, but when your gut says this isn’t right then go with it!

As a freelancer you’re not protected by employment law and sometimes you learn the hard way but I luckily nipped this potential bad egg in the bud! There were warning signs and stupidly I still welcomed them to my home office but I managed to take control of the situation and said ‘thanks but no thanks’ to the potential well paid job. It is OK to say no, even if you are just starting out. After all, I’m not just doing this for the money.

As a result, I got round to purchasing my Professional Indemnity Insurance, which I’m hoping I won’t ever need, but never say never! It will only protect me against any mistakes I might make rather than protecting me against non-payers or lose cannons (!) but I never got round to doing it before.

Just goes to show I’m on a journey and a sticky situation can have positive effects!