Marketing tip number one: Know Thy Audience! We’ve all heard of Generation X and the Millenials but if you were born between 1977-1983, like me, you might be surprised to hear that we’re now in a generation of our very own dubbed the Xennials!

Having grown up in an analogue world, listening to our Walkmans and having just four TV channels, we then embraced a very different digital adulthood full of mobile devices (who remembers the aerials on their phones back in the day?!) and of course Netflix! We bridge the gap between two very different generations, those who find it sometimes challenging to accept the digital age and those who couldn’t imagine life without it!

So if Xennials are your key audience then your call to action can be modern but use a nostalgic image and you’ve got us sold. Hopefully this little gem of knowledge might just help a #smallbusiness somewhere out there!