I’ve had such a busy week with two events and a re-build of a website for a client but it’s Friday! Hooray! As a freelance marketer I use WordPress.com as my web builder platform of choice. It’s super user-friendly and being open source it means there is so much information available and developers all round the world are willing to help with any questions you might have!

In terms of eCommerce, I have solid experience using Shopify and I definitely rate it for all of the additional plug-ins you can use to make a bespoke website. There are so many other platforms available for web building too such as Wix, Squarespace, Weebly etc it’s difficult to know what is best to use but they all have their pros and cons.

Working with SMEs means limited budget but WordPress offers very affordable, monthly plans where you can add a bespoke domain name and should you want complete control of the CSS you have the option to upgrade if necessary. I generally work on a Premium Plan and as I’m no coder, I just jump on Live Chat to ask the experts for the CSS I require to create the maximum appeal to the sites I create. If you’re a small business looking for website help then just shout!